This is part of a Ficus Benjamina houseplant that I was gifted. It came to me as a full grown tree that a lady had been caring for for longer than 10 years. Before that it was owned by another lady for another long period of time!

It’s one of those made from 3 braided trunks that then fuse together as they grow.

When I first acquired this tree I did some pretty severe chops. The resulting parts were all rooted and/or potted. This is the main trunk. It didn’t sprout back much where I thought it would, but it did push a bunch of new growth near the top. It had barely anything going on here when I cut it up. Then after 3-4 months it has all of this. This all seems to grow from nodules on the trunk. My plan was to select a nodule and make it the target of my cutting and the material for “clump style” Banyan grove bonsai tree.

Using spherical knob cutters I was able to reach into this mess and carefully make extractions. I tried to get some wood and some green with each cut.

This one had too many sprouts and I did remove a few that were growing counter to my vision for the tree.

I got the pots ready with screens over the holes.

…and the soil. It’s a tropical bonsai soil to which I added some gravel and just a bit of commercial potting soil. I’m showing the wire cutters for scale.

I first put down a thin layer of gravel. On top of that went the bonsai soil mix.

Next, I made a small well in the center and filled it with horticultural sand. I moistened the sand and impressed a well into it about the size of my thumb and the cutting I had taken.

I dusted the cut surface of my cutting with powdered rooting hormone, placed it into the depression in the sand and secured the cutting into the pot with wire.

I made three in all. This last one doesn’t look too good, but I’m not worried about that. I think it’ll grow too.

I’ll keep these quite moist in the beginning, and then slowly taper back the moisture as they start to grow roots. I intend to let them grow unimpeded until late spring and I’ll post a follow up then.

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